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Dog bed made from Swakara

Our customers wrote

"I received the sweater yesterday, it fits perfectly! Nice job, hope to order you something else soon. Thanks a lot :-) Damien, Moscow"

"I got the coat yesterday and it is beautiful! Thank you very much for contacting me to make one for me. I would not have got what I wanted if it wasn't for you. Thanks again! Aidan, Australia"

"I got the skins, they are really good, better than I expected. Many thanks for the great skins and many thanks for selecting the darkest colours. We will be in touch soon again. Valentin, Vienna"

"I received the scarf from the post office. The scarf is wonderfull, thanks a lot for everything. Merci beaucoup and good luck. Johannes, France"

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Sale! Sale! Sale!

We offer natural white, grey and brown color nutria skins, first quality, 70 cm and up, European dressed nutria skins for only 5,5.- EUR/skin! Delivery from stock from Budapest. We have also EU tax number, so tax free price! info(at)dream-fur(dot)com

Other fur products for reduced price

Muskrat back plates, size 60x120 cm, European origin only for 70.- EUR/plate! And we offer also natural red color rex rabbit skins, European origin only for 20.- EUR/skin If you have any question please feel free to contact us! info(at)dream-fur(dot)com